Heating for the Indoor Aquaponics System

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Obviously, seedlings and plants need to be kept warm.

In the quail house I have a small space heater set to be on for a half hour, then off for an hour.  This keeps the temperature between 60F and 70F most of the time.  (To be clear, this is for the plants, not the quail – the birds do just fine in cold temperatures).  When it gets wicked cold, I just let the heater rip and keep everybody happy.  I’m looking into some other heating options, but this is the obvious solution for now.

Please comment if you have any  solutions to keeping a small space  warm!

I was a bit concerned about our electric bill with the heater running, plus the grow light and the fish tank heater.  But after a full month, our bill only went up about $10.00.  And that was with the week of blistering cold and the heater running for a few days straight.  I cut more than $10.00 worth of basil out the beds in that month, so no complaints.

Amazon Deals of the Day

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