Indoor Aquaponics Update

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I’ve had this aquaponics system working in my quail house for a while now and it’s working out quite well.  I have basil, green onion, lettuce and garlic growing like crazy now in the ebb and flow bed.

bed 2.26

I started a wicking bed and planted a bunch of seeds:  bok choy, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, onion, pea and basil.  The bok choy, lettuce and broccoli went totally nuts sprouting right away. I’ll definitely have to thin the herd there eventually. The cabbage is going awesome now. Yesterday the carrots and onions sprouted, and there are lots of sprouts. I only got 3 tomato and 1 bell pepper sprouts, but I have more seeds so they’ll go in soon. 3 of the 4 pea seeds sprouted also.

Some new videos will be coming soon, showing you how things are set up and the progress with growing stuff.

I’m doing all of this in the Colorado mountains in the dead of winter.  We have had several days of below zero temperatures here in February and I have seeds sprouting – so cool!

Amazon Deals of the Day



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