Quail Egg Scissors or Cutters

If you want to fry up some quail eggs for breakfast you just crack them open and pour them in the frying pan, right?  No.  You need to CUT them open because there is a fairly tough membrane underneath the shell that is much stronger than chicken eggs.  If you smack a quail egg on the side of your frying pan you will quickly find this out.

To solve this problem, clever humans have invented quail egg scissors or cutters.  Just insert the FAT end of the egg into the round part of the cutter and slice it off like you are using a pair of scissors.  Don’t worry, you won’t cut the yolk.  Then just pour the contents of the egg where you need it.

These are what I use.  They’re only about $10 on Amazon and ship free with Prime.
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You can find cheaper ones, but having a good set of cutters is a good investment for a few extra bucks.

I have found deals on eBay for 3 pairs of cheaply made cutters for $10 or so, but you get what you pay for there.  I order a few sets of these every so often and just give a pair of cutters to someone who is interested in trying my eggs for the first time.

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