Quail Egg Sale!

Well, I hit a milestone this month.  I actually SOLD some quail eggs for the first time!  Man, I’m loaded now.  That almost got me a tank of gas!  Haha!

A guy on backyardchickens.com asked where he could find some quail eggs locally, and I happened to be in the neighborhood (sort of).  I sent him a message and we agreed to meet.

The guy, I’ll call him Dan, already has chickens, ducks and guinea fowl.  He thought that he’d try quail as well.  So we met a few weeks ago and I gave him 75 quail eggs.  He gave me a few bucks and he threw in a basket of his duck and chicken eggs as a bonus.

Dan’s duck eggs were out of this world!  I asked him if he sells any and he replied, “I sell them all.”  I don’t doubt it either.  He gets $8.00 a dozen.  I’ll be a regular customer for sure.

I have been interested in getting a few ducks to see if they’d fit our lifestyle and property so I asked Dan if he’d let me check out his operation to see how he does it.  Dan is like, “Come on down!  I have a bunch of fertilized duck eggs and some duck chicks hatching soon, so perfect timing!”

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?  A simple request for some quail eggs, a quick reply, and a local relationship develops.  I love it.

Yesterday I asked Dan if he had a good hatch and he told me that his quail chicks just started popping out and that he had 30 chicks wobbling around so far, so it looks good.

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