Quail Egg Breakfast Sandwiches for the Kids

We’re busy as hell in the morning and do our best to give our kids a decent breakfast before school.  And I don’t mean a bowl of some sugar/wheat/flour junk saturated in milk.  We try to make the kiddos something fresh every day but it is challenging sometimes.

So I thought I’d try making a bunch of quail egg, cheese and ham sandwiches on a small roll and freezing them.  Then the kids can just microwave them in the morning.

What I did was take a standard cupcake pan that makes 12 cupcakes, lightly grease it and tossed in 3 quail eggs in each hole.  Then I broke each yoke so there would be no messy sandwiches when we were done.  I cooked them at 400 degrees for a few minutes, until they were pretty firm.

Once done, I put a slice of REAL American cheese on top followed by a slice of ham.  (“processed cheese food”? yuck!!)  Wrap them up individually and freeze them and you have saved yourself a half hour of sleep each morning.  😉

Well, we’ll see how these go over tomorrow morning.

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